Thursday, February 24, 2005

Kinda Lame, but . . .

So, Emily post some pics of our cats:
Sketch (Sketchy) - She's kind of the queen cat around the house.
Oscar - Not only is he the only male cat, but he also happens to be the cutest, and the most likely to run away.
Tricksy - The cat you love and hate. The most annoying out of all of them, but also the most lovey (especially when she curls up in the crook of you arm). Oh, Emily has told me stories about her jumping into her arms on command now. (All together now, aaawwwww).
Sophia (Sophie) - The pointy grey cat. She's very affectionate but only plays with humans, luckily we've toned down her viciousness some. She doesn't get along with our other cats, probably because she's not black and white. Also, she was rescued off the streets, so that might have something to do it.

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