Thursday, March 07, 2013

Monthly Goal Review

It's been roughly a month since I posted what I wanted to accomplish this year, so I figured it might be good to review how things are going.  See what's working and what's not.

  • Game/Recreation
    • I've played some Dance Central 2, which gets me closer to the 3500 calorie achievement (I still have like 1000 to go).
    • Played some more Batman Arkham City.
    • I've scheduled an Artemis party with some friends of mine.
  • House Related
    • I've been washing a load of dishes before going to bed most nights.
    • We've been paring down the overall clutter around the house.
    • I think the major house projects will be tackled once the weather gets nicer.
  • Well Being
    • I read Name of the Wind, which was a really good read. I plan on writing more about it in a future post.
    • I've been increasing my exercise a little, but we think the biggest health issue for me as well as for Emily is that we have trouble eating regularly.
    • We're refinancing the house, which should decrease the payments some.
Some things I've need to work on still:

  • I'm still drawn into the Marvel Avengers Alliance facebook game more than I should be, but I have cut back on how often I'm playing it.
  • I've collected objects to try to sell online, but I haven't posted anything yet.
  • I still need to schedule a time of the week to get together with Emily and talk about things, whether it's family life or the store or finances or whatever.
  • I also have been thinking I need to just set aside some time to research/plan the store.  I figure I'd be working there in the evenings if it was open, so I might as well spend that time trying to open it.

Not the greatest start, but a least I'm making progress right?  There's still plenty of year left.