Monday, February 21, 2005


GOD DAMN THOSE CATS!!!!! Ok, here's the deal, the cats have been getting on my nerves lately, more than they've been calming them. Ever since we got Sophie, the little grey one, they have been annoying. She doesn't get along with, well, any of them really. Probably from that year of living on the streets. She especially doesn't get along with Tricksy. These two will cross a room just to start a fight, but not always. Plus, and here's what's been getting at me lately, Tricksy is always scrounging around for food and knock stuff down. What's the worst about it is that she's gotten Oscar involved as well. They're always jumping up on our counters and licking dirty dishes or counters. Tricksy will even lick a clean plate in the hopes that she finds some small morsel. I just don't get it. We feed her plenty, she's not starving. We squirt them when they're caught doing bad things, we've even resorted to putting them in time-out (which seems to have more affect on Oscar since he doesn't like being left alone or locked away anywhere). They continue to misbehave though. At least Tricksy runs away now when she knows you've caught her. It's small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

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