Wednesday, February 09, 2005


So, as usual, I've been freaking out about money. I'm currently working on temp assignments while I try to get my business going. (Ok let me be honest, started). I currently don't have another assignment (and it's a customer service one at that, BLAH) until like 2 weeks from now and money's tight as it is. Well, in the mail, not only did I get my paycheck, but I also got a check from school. I guess I overpaid for the last term or something. Let me tell you, that was a huge relief. Crazy how that works out, huh? Now I have at least another week covered. Of course I'm still freaking out about the following weeks, but every little bit helps right?

Anyways, Emily's freaking out as well and we're each trying to convince the other that we were the ones who screwed everything up. Which doesn't help our problems really, just helps to make us both depressed. Someday we'll crawl out of this hole we've dug ourselves into. I just hope it's soon.

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Mom said...

I wish you both love and luck on moving ahead. Nice idea, using Blogger. Think big. Love you.