Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Coming Attractions

So I was procrastinating some today and checking out trailers. I found some and thought I'd share them with you.
Old Boy: Looks like a cool drama out of Japan. Definitely something I would want to see. This guy has been locked away for like 15 years for no reason and then he's freed. Now he's trying to find out why he was locked away, and exact his revenge on those who did it to him. Cool!
Batman Begins: The story of Batman's beginning starring Christian Bale. I've been stoked about this one for years now. Ever since I first heard about it. After watching the trailers, I'm only more excited about it. I mean come on, it's going to have Ra's Al Ghul and the Scarecrow, how awesome is that?
Fantastic Four: There's been talk about this movie, about how it hasn't been produced as well as it deserves, which is probably true. The studios know they could give a half-hearted effort on this one and still make a bundle, but if they want sequels then they need to make worth our while to come back. I mean I don't think the Spiderman movies would have done so well if they weren't made so well.
Sin City: Another comic book movie, but of a comic book few know about it. The comic is by a master, Frank Miller, who is also involved in the movie. The movie itself looks worth going to for it's style alone, very comic noir.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: A remake by Tim Burton, who I love. It looks to add that bit of zany creepiness to the story that is inherent in most of Roald Dahl stories. If you've ever read them as an adult you'll know what I'm talking about. And Johnny Depp looks to pull off another fabulous bit of acting as usual.
Corpse Bride: Speaking of Tim Burton, looks like he has plans for a love story like only he could dream up. This stars, surprise surprise, Johnny Depp, and is shot in the style of Nightmare Before Christmas, one of my most absolute favorite Christmas movies. So of course I'm going to checking this one out.
Steamboy: This is another animated film I found. It takes place during the first World Expo, the one where Jules Verne and H. G. Wells met up, and it's sort of a steam powered future of sorts. Very cool. Also it's directed by the same director of Akira, a phenomenal anime.
The Pink Panther: Another of Hollywood's remakes, this one starring Steve Martin. It looks funny, and is throw back for Martin to his early years of prat-falls crazy humor.
Mindhunters: A Hollywood suspense movie, inline with Along Came a Spider and movies of that caliber. It stars some interesting actors though: Val Kilmer, LL Cool J, and Christian Slater.
Kingdom of Heaven: Here's a movie I have a problem with. It seems to be romanticizing the Crusades. It's directed by Ridley Scott so we can get an idea of what kid of film this'll be. Honestly, I'm not too keen on it myself.
Imaginary Heroes: A family drama of sorts. This seemed to me like a Igby Goes Down but with the middle class instead of high society. Also starring some high class actors. Definitely worth keeping an eye on.
Uncle Nino: Another family drama, but this one is aimed to bring America's corporate sensibilities more in line with Europe's ease going caring style. A feeling good movie with message we could all benefit from hearing.
Kung Fu Hustle: An over-the-top kung-fu musical. How can movie like that not be good? If you like Shoalin Soccer (at least part of you had to have) then you'll want to check this one out, because it's by the same director.
Colour Me Kubrick: A movie based on a real life event where a man posed as the actual director during the production of Eyes Wide Shut. It stars John Malkovich, so it's got that going for it. Certainly an interesting story.
Mail Order Wife: A mockumentary about a fat doorman who purchases a mail order bride and the documentary shot about it. As the film goes on the director of this "documentary" ends up getting more and more entangle with his subjects' lives.
Naked Fame: An actual documentary about an adult gay porn star, Colton Ford, who is attempting to break into the dance music industry. It looked like a very well put together movie.

That's all I have now, I think I've done enough procrastinating for today.

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