Thursday, February 24, 2005

Kinda Lame, but . . .

So, Emily post some pics of our cats:
Sketch (Sketchy) - She's kind of the queen cat around the house.
Oscar - Not only is he the only male cat, but he also happens to be the cutest, and the most likely to run away.
Tricksy - The cat you love and hate. The most annoying out of all of them, but also the most lovey (especially when she curls up in the crook of you arm). Oh, Emily has told me stories about her jumping into her arms on command now. (All together now, aaawwwww).
Sophia (Sophie) - The pointy grey cat. She's very affectionate but only plays with humans, luckily we've toned down her viciousness some. She doesn't get along with our other cats, probably because she's not black and white. Also, she was rescued off the streets, so that might have something to do it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I'm at work right but everyone else is in a meeting or on a conference call, so I have nothing to do now. Hence the blogging. I dont think I mentioned it before but Emily recently started her own blog, (some actually know that this is her like second blog, the previous one was secret). This one she's showing to the public, or more to the point, the public that knows her or of her.
I'm actually starting to get the hang of the fundamentals of my job here. I could grow comfortable working here.

Monday, February 21, 2005


GOD DAMN THOSE CATS!!!!! Ok, here's the deal, the cats have been getting on my nerves lately, more than they've been calming them. Ever since we got Sophie, the little grey one, they have been annoying. She doesn't get along with, well, any of them really. Probably from that year of living on the streets. She especially doesn't get along with Tricksy. These two will cross a room just to start a fight, but not always. Plus, and here's what's been getting at me lately, Tricksy is always scrounging around for food and knock stuff down. What's the worst about it is that she's gotten Oscar involved as well. They're always jumping up on our counters and licking dirty dishes or counters. Tricksy will even lick a clean plate in the hopes that she finds some small morsel. I just don't get it. We feed her plenty, she's not starving. We squirt them when they're caught doing bad things, we've even resorted to putting them in time-out (which seems to have more affect on Oscar since he doesn't like being left alone or locked away anywhere). They continue to misbehave though. At least Tricksy runs away now when she knows you've caught her. It's small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

Ranting and Raving

So, today I started work at a long-term position today. It's with Agriliance (like you know who they are). Anyways, my job is basically going to be taking orders from warehouses and retail stores and placing the purchase orders into the system. Really, in my opinion, it all seems like a needless position and one that could be handled by computers. Of course the ordering process is muddled and confusing that only a human could keep most of it straight. Well, it's work. It doesn't really pay nearly enough, but it pays something. Plus the people there are pretty cool and it's fairly easy-going as well.
Emily and I are a little down lately, not just do to money though. We kinda were hoping to have a wedding, but it really doesn't seem like we'll be able to afford one. Of course by the time we could, few would care anymore because we would have been living together for so long. Just one of those things I guess.
Life's not all bad though. I'm doing well in school, and every time I go to class I'm reminded of how smart I actually am. It's one of the down sides of going to Carleton, being surround by so many smart people, you start to feel like you're not that smart. Which also has it good points, being you don't get an inflated head.
Oh, have you checked out the EBay contest going on? It's kinda like a scavenger hunt with clues and all. It won't be around much longer, like until the 23rd, but if you read this in time check it out.
I've got a Econ presentation about the European Union to give tomorrow, so I'm going to catch some sleep now.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Living in the Land of Hardship

Yeah, so all of our saving have been depleted. Emily is still looking for a job, and I still have no full-time employment. Lots of fun. But wait, it gets better, I did some calculations and I figured that to live the lifestyle we have been (which is not extravagant in the least) I would need to have a job that pays $31.25/hr. This figures seems unattainable. If we both had jobs we would only need jobs that pay like$15/hr or so, more realistically for me but not so much for Emily. Honestly, I'm not sure about this being possible either. This would bring in enough money to pay all our credit card bills, utilities, housing, food, etc. Of course if we wanted to get ahead, we'd have to make more. The not so bad news is that if I combine possible earnings from Primerica, then I wouldn't have to earn as much (tax reasons). Plus on Monday I'm meeting with a possible client, which could lead to doing some business and getting referrals and moving my business forward. So the future seems very bleak, but not without any light, so far anyways.

On the world front I've come across some crazy stories.
One was about a Casino implementing rules where waitress or bartenders who gain more than 7% of their body weight could be fired. How ridiculous is that? On a scarier note, Bush passed legislation stating that any class action lawsuit seeking more than $5 million will be tried in the federal courts, which are less friendly towards such cases. The item not mentioned in this article but was mentioned in MPR, is that in the federal courts, when they try these cases for plaintiffs in multiple states, and the state laws don't match up in regards to the severity of the "crime," the case just gets thrown out. Think about that. This gives large corporations the chance to do whatever they want to their products or services with little legal recourse for the consumer. And I always thought that government was supposed to protect the consumer from big business, not the other way around. Go figure.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Coming Attractions

So I was procrastinating some today and checking out trailers. I found some and thought I'd share them with you.
Old Boy: Looks like a cool drama out of Japan. Definitely something I would want to see. This guy has been locked away for like 15 years for no reason and then he's freed. Now he's trying to find out why he was locked away, and exact his revenge on those who did it to him. Cool!
Batman Begins: The story of Batman's beginning starring Christian Bale. I've been stoked about this one for years now. Ever since I first heard about it. After watching the trailers, I'm only more excited about it. I mean come on, it's going to have Ra's Al Ghul and the Scarecrow, how awesome is that?
Fantastic Four: There's been talk about this movie, about how it hasn't been produced as well as it deserves, which is probably true. The studios know they could give a half-hearted effort on this one and still make a bundle, but if they want sequels then they need to make worth our while to come back. I mean I don't think the Spiderman movies would have done so well if they weren't made so well.
Sin City: Another comic book movie, but of a comic book few know about it. The comic is by a master, Frank Miller, who is also involved in the movie. The movie itself looks worth going to for it's style alone, very comic noir.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: A remake by Tim Burton, who I love. It looks to add that bit of zany creepiness to the story that is inherent in most of Roald Dahl stories. If you've ever read them as an adult you'll know what I'm talking about. And Johnny Depp looks to pull off another fabulous bit of acting as usual.
Corpse Bride: Speaking of Tim Burton, looks like he has plans for a love story like only he could dream up. This stars, surprise surprise, Johnny Depp, and is shot in the style of Nightmare Before Christmas, one of my most absolute favorite Christmas movies. So of course I'm going to checking this one out.
Steamboy: This is another animated film I found. It takes place during the first World Expo, the one where Jules Verne and H. G. Wells met up, and it's sort of a steam powered future of sorts. Very cool. Also it's directed by the same director of Akira, a phenomenal anime.
The Pink Panther: Another of Hollywood's remakes, this one starring Steve Martin. It looks funny, and is throw back for Martin to his early years of prat-falls crazy humor.
Mindhunters: A Hollywood suspense movie, inline with Along Came a Spider and movies of that caliber. It stars some interesting actors though: Val Kilmer, LL Cool J, and Christian Slater.
Kingdom of Heaven: Here's a movie I have a problem with. It seems to be romanticizing the Crusades. It's directed by Ridley Scott so we can get an idea of what kid of film this'll be. Honestly, I'm not too keen on it myself.
Imaginary Heroes: A family drama of sorts. This seemed to me like a Igby Goes Down but with the middle class instead of high society. Also starring some high class actors. Definitely worth keeping an eye on.
Uncle Nino: Another family drama, but this one is aimed to bring America's corporate sensibilities more in line with Europe's ease going caring style. A feeling good movie with message we could all benefit from hearing.
Kung Fu Hustle: An over-the-top kung-fu musical. How can movie like that not be good? If you like Shoalin Soccer (at least part of you had to have) then you'll want to check this one out, because it's by the same director.
Colour Me Kubrick: A movie based on a real life event where a man posed as the actual director during the production of Eyes Wide Shut. It stars John Malkovich, so it's got that going for it. Certainly an interesting story.
Mail Order Wife: A mockumentary about a fat doorman who purchases a mail order bride and the documentary shot about it. As the film goes on the director of this "documentary" ends up getting more and more entangle with his subjects' lives.
Naked Fame: An actual documentary about an adult gay porn star, Colton Ford, who is attempting to break into the dance music industry. It looked like a very well put together movie.

That's all I have now, I think I've done enough procrastinating for today.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Howard in the House!!!

w00t! So, to no real surprise, Howard Dean is the new DNC chair. This is a good thing. We need someone in there that'll stir things up and light a fire under this party. This is so awesome!!!

Oh, and on a related note, I helped pass the by-laws for DFM. It was actually a good meeting. Some of these DFM organizational-planning meeting can be a little droll and tedious. This is usually because it attracts self-important long winded speakers. Oddly enough, they didn't show up to this meeting (They were all involved in creating the by-laws). I guess they figured the important work was done. Fine by me. Really I prefer the meet-ups, but Emily and I haven't gotten around to starting one in Northfield (It's mostly an Emily project but I'm definitely going to help). We have plans for one in March though. We'll see how that goes.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Interesting Reading

So I was reading Wired and I came across a few interesting things I thought I'd share.
Transfer Tubes - Bush's euphemism for body bags. How messed up is that?
SmarterChild - A neat little conversation bot you talk to through IM. I find him fairly informative and occasionally funny.
That's really all I have so far. I haven't finished reading it all the way through. I'm sure I'll find other cool things in it as I read.

On a lighter note, I was lying down on the couch this evening when Sketchy crawled up on top of me. (She's been way more affectionate lately for some reason). She stayed there for like 2 1/2 hours. At one point Tricksy climbed up and hunkered down in my other arm. Very cute, but kinda tiring on the arms. Of course, it was at this point that my allergy flaired up some and my eye itched like crazy. I couldn't do anything about though since I had 2 cats hold my arms down. The itchiness went away after a long blink-fest.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Funny stuff

I got caught up on some of my webcomics. Something Positive has to be my favorite. I just love the characters; they're so witty and cynical. (Warning, comic includes graphic language and adult situations.) Although Penny Arcade is also pretty good, but in a more gamer sort of way. (Also the occasional adult language). Those are definitely my top 2. Reading those certainly helps get the mind off of other things.


So, as usual, I've been freaking out about money. I'm currently working on temp assignments while I try to get my business going. (Ok let me be honest, started). I currently don't have another assignment (and it's a customer service one at that, BLAH) until like 2 weeks from now and money's tight as it is. Well, in the mail, not only did I get my paycheck, but I also got a check from school. I guess I overpaid for the last term or something. Let me tell you, that was a huge relief. Crazy how that works out, huh? Now I have at least another week covered. Of course I'm still freaking out about the following weeks, but every little bit helps right?

Anyways, Emily's freaking out as well and we're each trying to convince the other that we were the ones who screwed everything up. Which doesn't help our problems really, just helps to make us both depressed. Someday we'll crawl out of this hole we've dug ourselves into. I just hope it's soon.

Monday, February 07, 2005


Well, I got myself a blog now. I figured it would be a good way of keeping people informed about my going ons and such. That is of course assuming that they would want something like that. But I think there's at least a few out there who would, so this for them. And me as well. So I can put my 2 cents out in the world. Ok, well I think that's a good start for now.