Thursday, August 17, 2006

Turtle Like

Our plans for last weekend were originally to go up north, camp, and watch the meteor showers. When we discovered the we were too poor, we had to make some adjustments. We decided to stay home and get a few projects done. We were hoping to start and finish the porch, however the farthest we got was buying the paint. The house did get a little cleaner as well as the lawn. Due to the ambush staged by Emily's mom and sister (Michelle), Emily has now picked out a wedding a dress. I haven't seen it, but she did draw me a picture of it, and I think it'll look good (of course it will, Emily has a knack for picking out clothes). The invitations got pushed back another week, but the calls all pretty uch down, so I'm not too worried about those.

We did spend Monday in the cities, that was nice. We went to see Body Worlds, which was intriguing. If not for the exhibits, then for the crowd itself at least. I had no idea that so many people go through their lives oblivious to what goes on inside them. We overheard ne person talk about how she never knew before what her surgery was all about. If I was getting major surgery done, I would want the surgeon to explain what's going to be done and why. At the very least so I know that the doctor knows what's going on. Then there was lunch at Green Mill, which I thought I had a gift card for, but turns out it expired/was empty. We also ran into Sarah at Half-Price Books. The seeds for the return of game night were planted in that meeting, very exciting.

We do plan to have a regisrty for the wedding. We've got a few places in mind (Target, Home Depot, Amazon, etc). We wanted to have one at Ikea, but they don't do that sort of thing there, however Ikea gift cards are always appreciated. At some point we'll figure which store(s) we want and go shopping/selecting there.

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