Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It figures

So progress on the wedding is slow going. We didn't get as much done as we would like last week. We are still working on the official invitations, but in order to give people time to prepare, I have started calling family and friends to let them know ahead of time. I've only just started and can only call those I have numbers to. Plus we know how much I love to talk on the phone.

Emily is going out with Cherish and her Mom to try on wedding dresses Thursday. I guess a family friend of theirs is an excellent seamstress, so they're picking out designs that they like and sending those and Em's measurements. Then when she comes to the wedding, voila!, a fabulous dress.

This weekend we have plans to strip and paint the deck, as well as continue cleaning and seriously working on making those invitations. (We had both originally taken time off of our work to go camping at the North Shore and see the meteor showers, but those plans fell through).

Oh, and one of my "worker bees" (Hannah) at Southgate Cinema is going to St Olaf for a music degree and is an excellent violin player. She has volunteered her services for the occasion. (She has informed me that since the ceremony is planned to be outside there have to be fairly specific weather conditions for her to play outside.)

Oh, while I'm thinking about it. As of now the wedding is BYOB. There will probably be a few bottles of wine/champagne offered, but not enough for the likings of some of our friends. So plan accordingly.

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