Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It's Getting There

Last week I played a pick-up game of Ultimate. I had no idea I was that out of shape. I mean, I knew I was out of shape, but I thought it was my usual out-of shapedness. The I’m-not-at-my-top-performance-level kind, not the can-barely-breathe-after-one-round kind. I was sore for like 2 days. I’ve really got to start moving around more.

Wedding plans so far are still progressing. Emily went shopping for some apparel. I believe she plans on changing her outfit mid-way through the reception. Invitations are coming along, though not as fast as hoped. Oh, we’ve come to realize how dependent we are upon the internet/email. We don’t (at least we didn’t until now) even have an address book, let alone mailing addresses. Any address provided would be helpful. We’ve been able to collect some we’ve found from slips of paper around the house and with the help of others. If you have an address we could use (yours or someone we know’s) please send it to me. Thanks.

We have reserved our wedding locations and started to formulate plans as far as procession, ceremony, decorations, and such. We’ve decided to provide wine at the reception, so it’s not quite BYOB, but more like BYOBOW (Bottle of Wine). Though I don’t think it will be needed really. Also, in that vein, while we do have some younger cousins and all, we think it might be more appropriate if younglings don’t stick around for the whole time. That’s still being worked out, but just thought I’d throw that out there.

Oh, we learned that the reception space will hold more than we originally calculated, so more people can come. We were originally thinking only 50 people, but now we’ve been told closer to 100. I feel if anyone’s willing to make the trip out here on such short notice, they deserve to be included. I don’t really think there’ll be such a flood of people that we won’t be able to handle it. So there you have it, an open invitation to whoever can come.

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