Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Oh wow

Ok, so it's been a while since I posted, but I've been really busy. So has Emily. See, I got another job. So that's a total of 3 for me. Ok, maybe more like 2.5 or maybe just 2 if you added up all of the hours. Anyways I got the assistant manager job at the local movie theater. I'm all in charge of people and money and keys, very scary/exciting. Emily also has 2-3 jobs as well. She's the lead cashier at the local coop, she's helping out at the ArtOrg with children's classes, and doing the occasional babysitting gig. So it looks like a financial situation is starting to turn around. YEA!

Speaking of yea, check out this internet radio station. It freaking rocks. I love most of the songs they play, and just like all the others. Plus they've got cool little movie/TV clips that they play every once in a while as well. Oh, and you can vote on the songs they play, so that after a while all the good songs get played more and all the crappy ones just slowly disappear. And they're listener supported, so if you like donate. (But you probably knew all this already if you listen to them).

Oh, also, Firefox is cool and so is BitTorrent. Again, I'm sure some of you already know. But I'm just spouting off here. Oh, and I've been using Wikipedia a lot more recently and have grown to appreciate it the more I use it.

What else, oh, 2 of my favorite webcomic sites have started up rival guilds on a particular server on World of Warcraft. Now, I've wanted to play this for a while now. It seems to be a really good game. All the webcomics I read rave about it and it's still going strong even after almost a year of being around, which is really good for a MMORPG. The comics are popular enough that basically the whole server is full of fans, which is cool. This is how a MMORPG is supposed to be played. Sure there are a bunch of different guilds, but they are all united under one alliance and work together to some degree. Plus, the chances of running into unhelpful bastard player is drastically reduce. If it weren't for the money and the time (especially the time) I would go out and buy the game just to play on that server. That is, if there was still room on the server/world. (These two are notorious for crashing websites just by placing a link on their posts. Man, can you imagine having that much influence? It's gotta be kinda weird.)

Ah, before I go. I found these t-shirts and thought they were pretty cool. Oh, and if any of them have it, then yes, I do have a wishlist there. I have wishlists all over the internet.


Sarah D. said...

Hey, congrats to you both on your multi-job lifestyle. If you need any employees at the movie theater, I'm looking for a MN job starting Sept. 15th...

CJ said...

The theater isn't really looking for any more help, but I hear that the Coop is.