Monday, July 18, 2005

A Few Things

  • I saw Batman Begins on the IMAX a few weeks ago. What an awesome movie. Christian Bale is the best Batman by far. Actually, just about everybody in it was awesome: Gary Oldman does a top-notch Gordon, Michael Caine with a superb Alfred, and Liam Neeson was just marvelous. (Katie Holmes did well enough to at least not harm the film, which I feel is the most you can ask of her right now.) But what makes the movie so good is that the movie doesn’t gloss over Bruce Wayne. It’s not just Batman and the guy who dresses up as Batman. They're actually interested in the man behind the mask. Plus, the villains were well fleshed out and not just crazy caricatures of over-the-top evil doers. The color palate used for Gotham was also a nice touch, dark and dirty but realistic. I think the movie made Batman into a more believable character. I hope they continue on with this.
  • If you haven't checked out this video of the most realistic zombie game yet, then do so now.
  • It looks like I’ll be working at the small movie theater in town here as Assistant Manager. It doesn’t pay much and I will only be working like 3 days/nights a week, but every little bit helps. Plus free popcorn, soda, movie tickets, and video rentals. Oh, and it’s a pretty easy low-key job, so very little stress.
  • I read the article Emily mentioned. Really, I have mixed feelings about it. I fully support the drive to make stores more accountable in regards to selling mature games to kids. I have nothing against the $5,000 fine. I do have a few misgivings though. This is all built upon a mod for the game. In otherwords, some people got together and decided to create a new feature for the game, without Rockstar’s permission. It’s really hard to argue for the fine when you’re basing it on a feature that isn’t even included on the game, and was never intended. Also, why is it that it takes a “sex” mod on GTA to spark all this? Were the nude models for The Sims not graphic enough? I mean, if people want to add nudity and/or sex to their games, they don’t have to start with an M-rated game. I’m also concerned that this will just spark a huge debate (and by debate I mean the screaming contests that our news programs seems to thrive off of) that will just get people pissed off at games/gamers (and gamers pissed off right back at them) and not really accomplishing anything. I guess we’ll just have to see how this goes.
  • I don’t know if you’ve noticed this or not, but science seems to be melding with religion and magic lately.

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