Friday, August 26, 2005

Oh no she didn't

So, I'm at work and a co-worker of mine comes by and asks me, "Do you think Mary's a dyke?" I respond that it wouldn't surprise me. She has short, doesn't dress overly girly, frequents gentleman clubs and kind of gives off that vibe . Honestly, it doesn't really affect me either way and I could care less. Here's the part that really threw me for a loop though. My co-worker then comments, "I'd just like to know ahead of time, in case there's a blackout." What the hell? What is that supposed to mean? She basically implied that if the lights went out she'd be groped by her co-worker. I responded,
"Why? In case you need her to change the light bulb?"
"No. I'm just concerned."
"You're surrounded by all of these hetereo males and you're not concerned about them?"
"No, the guys don't worry me."
Again, what the hell? Maybe I'm just niave (in many cases I probably am), but most of the stories/cases/anecdotes I've heard involving inappropiate touching involve guys, and of the straight persuasion. But oh no, she's not worried about them. I'm just always so surprised at how ignorant people can be.


Emily said...

So you weren't bothered by the actual phrasing of the original question? Who was this?

Also - I am a little put off by the assumptions that you made that were maybe a bit stereotypical (short hair + pants = gay). Also, I don't think a lot of lesbians I know would "frequent gentlemans clubs". I'm thinking that degrading women is not high on their list of good times.

CJ said...

Allow me to clear up a few things. First, I was bothered by the phrasing, but more so by her reasoning. I saw the phrasing as ignorance but the reasoning as unbelievable stupidity. Second, what I was trying to say about the stereotypical signs is that I could see why someone would think that she was gay but it's really none of our business either way.

Genoa said...

That's just as bad as when people think I'm a lesbian just because I went to an all-girls school.