Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Last Sunday I injured my back. It was not fun. I mean I knew it wasn’t fun before, just by watching what Emily goes through. She has hurt her back on a few occasions now. But yeah, not fun. It hurts to move, like at all. Like you roll a little bit and pain shoots through you. I’ve gotten better since then, or maybe have become more accustomed to the pain. No, I think I have gotten some what better at least. You’re probably wondering how I hurt it. Well, we’ve been letting Tricksy outside from time to time lately. She seems to really like it. We just do yard work or talk while we keep an eye on her. Sometimes we use a leash. Lately we’ve been thinking of getting a zip line or a long extendo leash for her (she likes to sprint across the yard. Hmmm, maybe we could just get an invisible fence. Anyways, it was time to go in and she didn’t want to go in so I had to chase under trees and around the yard. When I finally caught her, I picked her up and stood up and my back went all wonky. But I hear it doesn’t take much to hurt a back.

I spent the rest of Sunday on my back as well as Monday. I went back into work feeling better on Tuesday. It is now Wednesday and it still hurts. I’m a little worried because it hurts a little more than it did on Tuesday, probably due to the fact that I didn’t really give it any rest yesterday. I went to work and then went to a Primerica training meeting on variable annuities. Am I going to live the rest of my life with this problem? I hope not but it seems like probably.

I’m not supposed to have back problems. I’m 23 for crying out loud. I’ve barely even had my quarter-life crisis yet. What the hell? Ok, so fine, maybe I have been a bit stressed out lately, and I haven’t been exercising at all, and my diet has only recently started getting better, and I’ve been crazy busy. But that shouldn’t have mattered right?


Emily said...

ha ha ha! I'm not laughing at your back problems - just the "all these factors that lead to back problems shouldn't be an issue" bit. I don't think you hurt your back enough for it to be a problem for life if you start taking better care of yourself. Same goes for me - sort of, from what I've been told I'll have to be careful and it may take a while. Most muscular things you can heal. I think we should both start seeing a chiropractor.

CJ said...

We should also both start stretching and exercising as well. I'm guessing that would help, plus it's easier and cheaper.

Bed UK said...

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