Thursday, April 21, 2005

I've Been thinking

At work, there's this guy I hang out and joke around with. His name is Kegan. He is currently going to school to develop his film skills. He has an Uncle out in LA who is in a production company. They do commercials and music videos and such. In fact, Kegan's heading down there this weekend to help film some American Idol spots/music videos. I get along with Kegan pretty well, and have helped him some on his school projects. Just today I was reading over a film proposal of his that he had to write for a class. It wasn't too bad, but it came off a little campy and heavy-handed. I brought up some points about how to make it more subtle that he seemed to like. The thing is, when I was reading over it and making suggestions, I was kinda excited. I've been really thinking that maybe I should think about moving into such a field. It's something I enjoy doing and that I'm good at (or at least that's what I've started thinking). Personally, I think I would be a great sounding board. Someone you could go to to bounce ideas off of and help solidify your ideas. I think I'm really good at taking an idea or theme or something and building upon it and growing it and developing it. The creating it part I'm not so sure about. But once there's something there, whoa baby. Really, I'm torn. I get really excited when I think about helping families and all that I can accomplish in Primerica. But I also get really excited when I think about working on a film and helping and doing that process. I mean, what do I do? I'm so conflicted. Is it even possible to do both? . . . . . . . I think so; I could get something going with Primerica. Build up a business there and then sell my agent number and live off my investments. Then I could start a career in film. But I always think it's ridiculous, the people who build up their base shop and then leave, just when they're really starting to reap their hard earned benefits. I mean, for investment accounts, you get paid on those for as long as the account is active. How could you give that up?

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Emily said...

Of course there is the problem that Primerica is owned by Citigroup - or Big Evil. I know banks aren't evil they are amoral - but that's a cop out. As I've said before if you can find a way to beat the man at his own game then by all means go ahead. Just always remember who you are and remember "I kind of want to slay the dragon. Let's go to work."