Thursday, April 21, 2005

Food for Thought

I haven’t posted in a while, so I’ll try and post something today. Not sure what exactly I’ll post, but it’ll be something. Hmmmm. . . . . .well, my back has gotten better. It still feels a little sore achy, but all in all not that bad.

I saw
Super Size Me last night. It wasn’t that bad. It certainly confirmed my belief that highly processed food and fast food restaurants are horrible for you. The funny thing was before he started he was in excellent health and got a check-up from 3 different doctors and asked them what they thought would happen to him if he went on this McDonald’s binge. They all said that he’d gain some weight and his fat count would go up some. Near the end there, they were like, “you’ve got to stop. You’re killing yourself.” It was crazy.

He also brought up how the poor diets are infiltrating the schools. He went to this one elementary (maybe it was middle) school where the kids get to pick and choose their lunch. A bunch of kids would just buy fries or potato chips. One kid bought like three bags of chips, a Gatorade, and a candy bar. The worker there was defending the company saying “Most of these kids bring there lunch and just buy the chips or fries to supplement their meals.” (Ok, I’m pretty sure that I added ‘supplement’ but whatever). He then checked out the cafeteria and found the girl you bought all the chips. The “lunch” she brought from home was a can of soda. How sad is that.

Oh, and after it was all over, they calculated that he had consumed about 30 lbs of sugar. 30 LBS!! That’s over 1 lb a day. No wonder you would gain weight. They had this one guy who was getting a gastric by-pass who drank like 2 gallons of soda everyday. That’s just not right. If I drank that much I’d be parked on the can.

One of my favorite parts was an add-on for the DVD. They took some of the sandwiches and fries from McDonalds and placed them in glass jars. They did the same with a real burger and fries. (Everything had their own jar). And just checked on them from time to time. The real food got moldy and gross within the first week; a few of the McDonald’s sandwiches looked no different. They kept showing the changes over the next few weeks. The grossest thing was that after 10 weeks, all the sandwiches were moldy and gooey and nasty. The McDonald’s fries however looked like they were a few days old. There was no mold, no gooeyness, nothing. They just looked a little stale and dried out. The fries got thrown by accident after that, so we’ll never know how long it would take before they started breaking down on their own. That’s just not natural. Whatever those fries are made of, it’s not food, that’s for sure.

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