Tuesday, August 06, 2013

4 Hour Chef - Meal 1

My sister got me the book 4 Hour Chef for my birthday and I have to say I enjoy what I've read so far.  There's a lot of info in this book, and not all of it is cooking related, but I've found all of it interesting.  I thought it'd be fun to actually follow/learn from the book and I've always wanted to cook by way through a cookbook.  Interestingly the recipes are laid out in such an order as to help slowly build one's skills.  I don't think I'll be able to follow the time frame suggested (2 meals a week) due to work schedules and (mostly) due to the cost of supplies, but I plan to tackle each recipe when I can.

I tried my hand at the first recipe, Osso "Buko", a delicious lamb recipe that basically comes down to just throwing everything in a pot and cooking it.  The goal of this meal is to teach some basic knife skills (in which I learned that I've been holding my knife wrong all this time) and gain some confidence.  It was a fairly easy dish and came out really well.  To complete the meal Emily made a spinach side dish and we used some of the leftover wine as a drink.

I'm not sure why the photos of the lamb turned out so yellow while the spinach photo looks just fine.  That's a photography question.

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