Saturday, July 20, 2013

2013 Goals review - July

It's been a while since I updated this and things haven't really progressed much.  I read Divergent and Insurgent for the new book club I joined. Divergent was pretty good, but I didn't really enjoy Insurgent all that much.  It wasn't bad, it just didn't connect with me.  I'm currently reading A Wise Man's Fear, the sequel to Name of the Wind, and really enjoying it so far.  I think this might be one of my favorite series.  I'm also reading/working through The 4-Hour Chef, which my sister gave me as an early birthday present.

I'm hoping to cook my way through it, though I think there are some later chapters where he talks about cooking /surviving in the wild as well as some crazy molecular-gastronomy recipes I might not be able to do or afford, but we'll see how it goes when I get there.  My plan is to post about it as I go.

We've made some progress on the garage.  We recently started going through my old Magic: The Gathering cards with plans to sell them off.  I'm not sure how much money we could actually get for it all or what the money will go towards, but the way things are going we've got some time to think about our options.  In keeping with the selling-off-stuff motif, we've planned a garage sale for August 23-24.  It'll be over at the Beeby's house and include our stuff, their stuff, and some of the Malecha's stuff.  I created a Tumblr page for it, we'll see how well that goes.

Here's what I've accomplished so far this year.
  • Game/Recreation Related
    • Played a game of Fiasco
    • DM a small campaign (Mouse Guard, Supernatural, or Shadowrun)
    • Play the quick play game of Leverage RPG
    • Play Artemis
    • Play through Mass Effect 3
    • Play through Assassin's Creed: Revelations
    • Play through Assassin's Creed 3
    • Get all achievements on Dance Central 2 (requires help from someone else or a dance party)
    • Play through Dance Central 3 [Finished campaign, haven't played all the new songs]
    • Collect all Riddler trophies in Batman: Arkham City [Slowly making progress]
    • Paint my first mini (most likely board game related)
    • Play all of the games I own at least once or sell them off (what I have left unplayed: The Amazing Race game, Acquire, Anima: Shadow of Omega, Catch Phrase, Pumpkin King, Rook, Sorry Sliders, Space Cadets)
    • Play through Bioshock: Infinite
  • House Related
    • Clean out the garage
    • Paint the hall
    • Redo the downstairs bathroom (involves buying a new tub and installing all the tile we have)
    • Install a Dishwasher
    • Remodel the kitchen (nothing expansive just: install some track lighting, open up the island, install pot rack,get a new faucet, dishwasher, reorganize cabinets, repaint cabinet doors)
    • Finish the bedroom (mostly Ikea closet pieces, installing curtains, and setting up a workspace for Emily)
    • Create a nursery/child's bedroom
    • Finish the upstairs bathroom (repaint the windowsill, glue down the door jam/floor connector thingy)
  • Well Being
    • Be in better shape (get back to 150~160 pounds)
    • Meditate Regularly (30 minutes day?)
    • Have a healthy kid
    • Acquire more financial freedom
    • Open our Comic/Game/Geekery store
    • Read more books for fun [Book Count = 5, started/joined a book club]
    • Cook my way through 4 Hour Chef

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Emily said...

You read another book. I know for a fact you just finished one.