Friday, November 18, 2005

A little out of tune

I know it's been a while since Sarah nudged my nectarines, but better late than never right?

Here's the deal: List ten songs you currently are obsessing over -- any genre, any format, etc. If you have a blog, do it there; if you don't, do it here. Then tag five people or so. Here are my songs, in no particular order:

Gorillaz: Feel Good Inc.
Beck: Girl
Foo Fighters: Best of You
Weezer: Hash Pipe
Kaiser Chiefs: Oh My God
The Pietasters: Maggie Mae
XTC: Dear God
Strong Bad: The System is Down
Black Eyed Peas: My Humps
Spiderbait: Black Betty

I'll tag Gen, Blake, Emily (oh, double tag), Clint Page, and Erica Ness. What the heck, I'll tag Chris Clark and Carrie too while I'm at it.

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