Friday, September 01, 2006

30 Days to Go

Talk about busy. We cleaned up our yard (mostly) with the help of Emily’s parents. We filled 2 trash bags of broken material (siding, tables, dishes, lights, etc.) and 18 bags of tree branches and leaves. We still have some large piles of leaves and branches to bag up, but the majority of it has been picked up. We still need to take them to the dump though.

Last Thursday our insurance agent came by and looked the house over. From what I’ve heard, he was way better and much more amicable then what my neighbors got. He recommended that all of our siding get replaced, deck get painted, roof on the house replaced, shed get painted and re-roofed, garage door get replaced, lights replaced and included all of our things we had outside. Our neighbors said their agent was suggesting that they only replace the parts of siding that are damaged, which might save on materials but would probably increase labor costs. Part of it might be that a lot of people in Northfield have the same insurance company where as we have USAA, which is more national. He still needs to send it in to the office and they come up with the final numbers, but the process is off to a good start at least.

We’ve also finalized the invitations and gotten the first batch into the mail. We still need to address quite a few of them and mail those off. Oh, we also created a wedding website on The Knot. It’s really not that fancy or amazing, but it’s got our information out there. We’ve started working out the menu for the reception. My grandmother is going to officiate the wedding, and we’re working out the ceremony details with her. The location is reserved and some decorations have been planned and purchased (colors are blue and orange; though I’m sure there are fancier names I should be calling them). Registries are pretty done. Emily still waiting to get her gown purchased, it’s been picked out, just not bought. Then she’ll be better able to pick out jewelry, hair, shawl, and other accessories. We still haven’t picked out a suit for me yet. Oh, we’ve picked out reception music, somewhat. The plans are to hook up an ipod to a decent sound system for the reception. I think that’s it. I know there’s more we need to do, but I can’t remember right now.

My mom’s coming up for the weekend; should be good. The plans are to go to the Great Minnesota Get Together on Saturday; could be fun, if it doesn’t rain too badly. I think we might work on wedding stuff Sunday, or just hang out. Not really sure, we haven’t planned that out yet. Oh well.

Ah, one more thing to add. Last month was year end at Agriliance, so it was a mad house. Everyone was trying to get all of those projects they’ve been putting off done as well as stuff as many sales as they could before the books closed. We’ve been switching over to a new system, so the numbers weren’t as good as they usually were and management was worried about their bonuses (we were too). From what I hear, it went very well. I’ll be excited to find out about this bonus people talk about.

I need a nap.

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